Le CDE-SAARE s’investit dans 5 domaines comme le montre l’organigramme suivant:
In general, our competence fields cover the following areas:
  • Production of basic resources
  • Food production
  • Appropriate Technologies and environmental protection
  • Health
  • Basic training and management
Specific domains are:
Fight against desertification
  • Preservation of food by solar energy
  • Use of solar cooking boxes and solar dryers
  • Reduction of firewood use
  • Production of improved cooking stoves

Cultural Program

  • Discussions, drama, music, traditional dances, tales, sports, games
  • Use of national languages
  • Paintings, art
  • Annual competition for the best story
  • Library

Hygiene and Health

  • Women and health issues
  • Practical hygiene
  • Use of medical plants
  • Workshops and seminars